Water Management

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Clean, fresh, water without waste is a priority on Swan Lake. Cattle drink from water that originates from springs on the property or falls on the property and is collected in dams. This is pumped to a central storage tank on high ground and piped to drinking troughs to ensure good water avaliability throughout the property.  80% of paddocks are trough watered.

Wylarah has invested significant time & money in fencing off the two large lakes which occur from the natural spring on the property.  The water from this area eventually flows into the catchment for Warragamba.  By fencing off the waterways, the water quality of this section of the catchment has improved.

By implimenting efficient water usage in our grazing systems, including maintaining healthy soils with adequate organic nutrients and minimised runnoff through managed vegetation asset zones, we can balance the needs of the grazing animals while making the best use of the pastures and the environment

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