High Quality Black Angus Beef


Wylarah Pastoral Company strives to consistently produce the finest high quality beef.  Our breeding selections have produced strong, quality cattle exceeding expectations. The sires used are the Angus industry‚Äôs most proven and highly sought after.  We ensure the maintaining of our high standard in breed type, temperament and market suitability. 

Breeding Bulls:

Karoo W37 Modest D146

Onslow Admiral D429

Onslow Nebraska E3

Onslow Crusader E39

Myanga Midlands Z204 E74 Kenny's Creek Dynamite F526

 Kenny's Creek Dynamite F555

Breeding Bulls:

Karoo 395M Equator D334

Onslow Statesman D171

Onslow Crusader E37

Onslow Midland D209

Myanga Limited Edition F220

Kenny's Creek Whitworth F177


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